Soundproof Solutions

Whether you are tired of noisy neighbours, or just want to feel comfortable playing instruments in your apartment – call our consultant today! We present our soundproof solutions. No job is to small for us! Please, take a moment to learn more about services.

Soundproof Solutions for walls, ceilings and floors

Soundproofing ceilings

One thin wall is all that stands between you, and your noisy neighbours. It’s difficult to relax hearing as they are walking, watching television or listening to the music. The best way to insulate your apartment from neighbours from higher floor is soundproofing ceiling. It takes only one wall instead of four walls so it’s much cheaper solution than walls insulation. Read more about our Soundproofing Ceiling solutions.

Soundproofing walls

London is a busy place. Soundproofing walls is the best solution to insulate your house from street noises. It’s important for your comfort, especially if you live in centre of the city, where your ears are exposed to sounds of night life and noisy cars, airplanes and neighbours. You deserve peace and quite. It’s crucial not only for your comfort, but also for your health. We can reduce noise even by 70%! Read more about our Soundproofing Walls service now.

Soundproofing floors

This current service is very useful if you care about your privacy. You shall feel comfortable in your home. Listening to music, or having party at night hours might end up with police intervention. We’ve prepared a lot of solutions, to reduce noise even by 60%! Our soundproofing walls service includes the following systems:

  • Over Floor Sound plank and Acoustic Mineral Wool
  • Acoustic Mineral Wool and Membrane
  • Acoustic Mineral Wool and Triple Barrier Matt
  • Under Floor Sound Plank and Acoustic Mineral Wool

Learn more about our Soundproofing Floors services today.